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Welcome to my Evangelion Fanfiction page. For those of you that arent familiar with fanfictions, they are stories written by fans in a narrative script form that adds to a story from an anime. This is usually written one person, sometimes two or three.  This fanfic, however, is very different from traditional fanfics because it has the following:
  • No script  (no pre-written  lines or scenes)
  • each person does a single character ( sometimes switching off to change to another character); a non-narrative approach w/ first person views and thoughts..
  • It is done in real-time, using IRC chat.
  • No-editing whatsoever; you will see it exactly as we saw it as we were initially typing it out. Includes miscellaneous rants/comments outside of the Eva fanfic.
  • No definite story, or real direction in the storyline, we just go with the flow in an improv manner.
  • It was done weekly/bi-weekly/monthly over a period of several months, one ACT per chat session.

In this case we picked the popular anime epic Evangelion to do a fanfiction on and play essential characters (and sometimes nonessential ones) like Shinji, Asuka, Misato and Rei. This particular version of the fanfic is UNEDITED, so you will see some spelling and gammar errors. You will also see some people in the chatroom just messing around in some parts. It can get confusing sometimes since we have to think of what to say on the fly, and sometimes the lines dont come out right or at the appropriate time.  Also note that the roles we play change quite often(except for Shinji, who plays Shinji, duh). All of the fanfic was done on a private server on IRC.

For those who havent seen any of Evangelion, go see it! You can visit this site, the Anime Centre, for reference; It contains character bios and synopsis on  Evangelion For those of you who have seen Eva (or at least half of it), read on! 


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Download the Fanfic in .doc format - eva_fanfic.zip

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